Ökoprofit Project

We participate in the project certification of the Ökoprofit 2021/22  because we are committed to the environment, resources and sustainability.


Logo Ökoprofit Kreis Steinfurt

This includes cooperation with the municipalities and the local economy,

with the aim of conserving natural resources, saving energy, environmental protection

and thus also a reduction in operating costs.

Foto Umwelt Team Ossenberg
Our economy Team Ossenberg GmbH: Marcel Kappen, Carsten Diekmann, Marc Breulmann

Over a period of 12-14 months we will participate in 8 workshops, many meetings, as well as on-site inspections,

highlight the opportunities in which we can actively contribute to environmental protection.

We want to be able to use our resources more efficiently.

So far, we have already achieved a lot, to receive the certificate “ÖKOPROFIT – Operation” in the spring.


At the meeting with district administrator Dr. Martin Sommer, we presented the interim results, as did the other participating companies.


So far we already have:

– switched to energy-saving LED lighting

– Motion detectors installed everywhere to save electricity

– a photovoltaic system installed on the production hall

– new more efficient compressors purchased in production

– a compressed air management system introduced

– created the possibility to lease a job bike

– Charging stations for e-cars purchased

– everywhere garbage separation containers for paper, glass, plastic

– motivates our employees and increases their environmental awareness

 Foto aktuelle Runde Ökoprofit Kreis Steinfurt
Zwischenbilanz der 11. Runde von “ÖKOPROFIT Kreis Steinfurt” im November 2021

We are currently working on further goals such as:

– to use the exhaust air even better for room heating

– to purchase another photovoltaic system for the administration building

– further optimize cooling

– Continue to promote paperless production

– further waste reduction

– Further promote biodiversity

By Elisabeth Grälken

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