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In February 2020, two.7 Equity acquired a stake in Ossenberg and Erwin Kowsky GmbH. The Ossenberg Group, which consists of these and other companies and is based in Rheine and Neumünster, is the leading German manufacturer of walking aids and orthopaedic aids. The two shareholders Karsten Wulf and Carsten Diekmann quickly agreed that the implementation of an advisory board would help to make the group of companies even more successful.

Numerous studies have shown that companies with an advisory board act more professionally, generally generate greater and faster growth and increase the value of the company.

The two shareholders are all the more proud to be able to win such a top-class advisory board for the Ossenberg Group, consisting of Dr. phil Burkhard Bensmann, Lars Kilchert and Markus Reichel.

Mr Bensmann has been working as a consultant and coach for the first management level for over 30 years and is the founder of Ld 21. He also teaches as an honorary professor for communication and organisational development at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, writes specialist books and broadcasts a podcast. He is passionate about self-leadership and his mission is to support entrepreneurial people, especially in change processes.

Lars Kilchert was recruited for the advisory board as the youngest member at just 33 years of age. He is the founder of pflege.de in Hamburg (now Paul Hartmann Group) and is thus one of the youngest and most successful digital health care entrepreneurs in Germany. With his broad knowledge of digitalisation, he has made the leading platform for care successful.

The third member of the group is Markus Reichel, Managing Director of Medi-Markt Home Care GmbH.

He has been Managing Director of Medi-Markt Home Care GmbH since 2014 and has thus contributed significantly to the successful growth of the company. Providing strong services for a growing market with diverse requirements – this goal spurs him on every day. Before Mr Reichel took over the management of Medi-Markt, he worked as a commercial manager in various companies.

The chairman of the advisory board is Karsten Wulf. He founded the buw Group in 1993 after training as an insurance specialist and studying business administration. After growing to more than 6,000 employees and thus becoming the largest owner-managed provider of holistic customer management solutions in Europe, he successfully sold the company in 2016. Today, as a “full-blooded entrepreneur”, he invests in medium-sized companies and real estate projects with the zwei.7 and is also a co-partner of Ossenberg GmbH.

The partners Wulf and Diekmann are sure that they will master the next innovation and growth steps with ease thanks to the support of such a professional advisory board with a wide range of experience and expertise.

By Adriana Carrillo

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