Focus Money confirms: “Ossenberg is ‘price’ winner!”

Gold winner of price-performance test with 100 points!

When shopping around people often ask themselves a few questions: “Am I buying a high-quality product or am I paying too much? Should I look for the lowest seller or are the cheapest offers always a sign of shoddy handiwork? Somewhere in the middle between “too much” and “too little” lies “just right“. We at Ossenberg try to give our customers that good feeling of having found the best offer and if esteemed business magazine Focus Money is to be believed we may just have succeeded.

On behalf of the magazine Focus Money, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (Hamburg) conducted another one of its yearly large-scale studies. The goal was to find out how customers and consumers throughout Germany evaluate the price-quality ratio of various services and products. The process to achieve this is probably as simple as it is modern: a survey; but on a particularly large scale and with social media in mind.

Technological search and sorting algorithms from Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH (Berlin) have been given the arduous task of collecting the largest possible number of opinions and statements from German Internet users about companies, their goods and also services. For some years now a wide range of product reviews and above all a casual, free exchange in social media has made it possible to take a comprehensive and honest look at the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of consumers. After being filtered for earnestness a plethora of statements was then examined for mood. What did consumers like, what was being criticized? Was there a clear customer favorite with certain products? The relationship between the price paid and the service of product received always remained in sharp focus. In any case, the sample size of consumer opinions taken is, shall we say, comprehensive. No less than 67 million statements on more than 23 thousand brands were evaluated from mid-2019 to mid-2020. The result for Ossenberg GmbH is certainly impressive.

Focus MoneyOne hundred points and sole winner of the “Gold” award in the industry!

Our products have been the most popular with consumers, which is why we are the country’s leading supplier for mobility aids. Ossenberg offers high-quality articles for fair prices, that is now clear; now we also have reliable data to prove that our price and performance are the best in the entire country!

Having won the Preissieger 2020title of ‘Price’ Champion 2020 is obviously a special achievement in and of itself, but above all this victory shows us that the level of satisfaction for our customers is high and our public image in the last year was not only noticeably but overwhelmingly positive. Considering the goods we sell –  be it medically valuable and necessary walking aids, fashionable walking and hiking canes or personal protective equipment, which is currently in very high demand – such an award means so much more to us than a mere “like”. As the industry’s leading supplier customer satisfaction is important to us, now more than ever. Your feedback helps us to continuously improve our products and services and we thank you very much for the chance to announce in this (and hopefully coming years):

We are the ‘Price’ Champion!

-By Sebastian Knieper

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