Our environmental guidelines

We want to improve the quality  of peoples life with disabilities, by enabling them to achieve maximum mobility and independence.
In this context, the preservation of our environment and natural resources for future generations is one of s foundation of our business activities.
We strive to exemplify and also communicate sustainability in its various facets in our areas of business and influence.

We have adopted the following guidelines as binding standards for our daily actions:

- We use energy- and water-saving as well as low-emission and low-waste techniques in our production as far as possible
- We permanently review and evaluate our environmental impacts, compare them with the targets we have set and initiate corrective measures if necessary
- When making investments, we examine all environmental parameters and, if possible, give preference to more environmentally friendly options.
- We encourage our business partners to follow our example and motivate them to make ecological improvements
- We support our employees in actively practicing environmental protection at their workplace on their own responsibility
- Compliance with the legal requirements directed at us are a matter of course for us

Environmental protection - an important topic

A large part of the energy we need to produce our products is generated by our own photovoltaic system. The use of photovoltaics to generate solar power is not only effective from an economic point of view, but the environment also benefits from this technology. In contrast to other ways of generating electricity, such as from coal and gas, photovoltaics produces no harmful CO2 emissions that burden the environment. The environmental balance is thus improved.

Packaging - as little as possible

Transport packaging and commercial sales packaging are collected by interseroh zero waste solutions and are recycled. We have complied with the new packaging law (VerpackG), which came into force on January 1, 2019, and have registered in the LUCID packaging register.