BIG XXL – 150kg

1 Pair

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You can design our crutch 230 Big XXL according to your needs and taste!

Our stronge Big XXL is a high quality walking aid made of aluminium with a body weight of up to 150 kg. You can choose between 3 different colours and 6 different grip variations.

Our BIG XXL at a short overview:
• plastic arm cuff made of high quality, glass fibre reinforced material
• 6 different grip variants selectable
• special light metal tubes in the KOMBI version silver anodised
• available in adjustable or non-adjustable
• rubber capsules of natural rubber with steel inlay
• with reflectors
• tested up to 150 kg body weight by the TU Berlin

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Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches.pdf application/pdf 1,010 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-EN.pdf application/pdf 717 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-CS.pdf application/pdf 724 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-DA.pdf application/pdf 717 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-FI.pdf application/pdf 714 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-FR.pdf application/pdf 724 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-PL.pdf application/pdf 456 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-SV.pdf application/pdf 718 KB
Declaration-of-Conformity-230.pdf application/pdf 131 KB
Declaration-of-Conformity-230UE.pdf application/pdf 131 KB

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