BIG XL with shock absorber – 150 kg

1 Pair

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You can design our walking aid 332 Big XL according to your needs and taste!
Our stronge Big XL is a high quality walking aid made of aluminium and can be loaded up to a body weight of 150 kg. You can choose between 3 different colours and 6 different grip variations..

Thanks to the integrated shock absorber your joints and muscles are relieved. If you shouldn’t need the shock absorber, it can be put out of function by moving the additional clip.

Our BIG XL at a short overview:
• plastic parts made of high quality material
• 6 different grip variants selectable
• special light metal tubes in the KOMBI version silver anodised
• internal damping spring relieves joints and muscles
• these comfortable walking aids are:
– medically advanced
– optimally designed
– loadable up to max. 150 kg body weight
– variabel

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