GOLIAT – 180 kg – extra long

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This walking aid was specially developed for higher loads.

Our Goliat walking aid is a high quality and massively stable walking aid made of steel.

Our Goliat walking aid at a short overview:
• tubes made of steel
• 6 different grip variants to choose from
• the steel cuffs are equipped as standard with neoprene padding in grey (article no. 144Pgr)
• rubber capsules with steel inlay

On request we can make your walking aid to measure.
Please use our dimension sheet for this. You can find it under our downloads!

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Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches.pdf application/pdf 1,010 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-EN.pdf application/pdf 717 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-CS.pdf application/pdf 724 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-DA.pdf application/pdf 717 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-FI.pdf application/pdf 714 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-FR.pdf application/pdf 724 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-PL.pdf application/pdf 456 KB
Instructions-for-use-forearm-crutches-SV.pdf application/pdf 718 KB
Declaration-of-Conformity-3311UE.pdf application/pdf 130 KB

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