Welcome to our new website!

There it is, our web presence in a new outfit and above all: with new technology. Our new pages are implemented with Responsive Webdesign, so that they can now be used on tablets and smartphones. We have put a lot of work into the new navigation and page layout.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank web designer Frank Leusing (www.Leusing.de), with whom we developed the design of the new website, and Ibbenbüren-based Hövermann IT-Gruppe GmbH, who supported us in implementing it in our ERP system.

Our work is not over yet, some detail work is still to be done. The new website, just like the old one, should offer a barrier-free service. Nevertheless, the motto today is, get out of the cover.

We cordially invite you to click through our pages a little.
We hope you enjoy it!

Your Ossenberg – Team.



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