Marketing Award of the German Medical and Rehabilitation Specialist Trade and the Orthopaedic Technology and Orthopaedic Shoe Technology Companies, September 28, 2018 in Düsseldorf

The TOP-nominations for 2018 are fixed! The way to the TOP-nominees

The large jury meeting and thus the review and examination of the application documents was completed at the end of July. The quality as well as the type and number of applications received for the Marketing Award were extremely positive. The applications were all in a neck-and-neck race for the coveted award. It is already clear which companies in the industry will be really exciting this evening. Now, all those on the shortlist can look forward to the festive industry event: A sparkling show & Dine program awaits the guests in the Rheingoldsaal of the Rheinterrassen Düsseldorf. However, the winners will be kept strictly secret until the awards ceremony. Here you can find the nominees of the evening in alphabetical order.


Category Digital Marketing

  • Maisch Orthopädie Technik Zentrum Wieblingen GmbH – Heidelberg
  • MEDI-CENTER Mittelrhein GmbH – Koblenz
  • Orthopädie Brillinger GmbH & Co. KG – Tübingen
  • Orthopädie Manufaktur Schad Lorenz GbR – Füssen
  • Sanitätshaus Keil GmbH – Fulda
  • Sanitätshaus Fürst GmbH – Passau
  • Stinus Orthopädie GmbH – Achern
  • Sanitätshaus Seeger hilft Gmbh & Co. KG – Berlin
  • Sanitätshaus Glotz GmbH – Gerlingen
  • Winkels GbR – Haltern am See


Category best interior design

  • Gesundheitszentrum Greifswald GmbH – Greifswald
  • Hartlieb GmbH – Göppingen
  • Hempel GesundheitsPartner GmbH – Berlin
  • Klindwort Sanitätshaus & Orthopädietechnik GmbH & Co. KG – Bad Schwartau
  • MEDI-CENTER Mittelrhein GmbH – Koblenz
  • Sanitätshaus am Goldenen Reiter – Dresden
  • Sanitätshaus Göldner GmbH – Eggenfelden
  • Sanitätshaus Sippl – Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz
  • saXcare GmbH Chemnitz & saXcare PED GmbH – Chemnitz
  • SC Sanitätshaus Carstens GmbH – Stuttgart


Category best customer service

  • ANK Sanitätshaus + Orthopädietechnik GmbH – Kaiserslautern
  • Hempel GesundheitsPartner GmbH – Berlin
  • mediteam GmbH & Co KG – Hallstadt
  • medrob GmbH – Friedberg
  • Mobiles Sanitätshaus Anja Lenz – Sachsen
  • Orthopädie-Technik Scharpenberg – Rostock
  • reha team Bayreuth Gesundheits-Technik GmbH – Bayreuth
  • Sanitätshaus OrthoPoint – Erlangen
  • Sanitätshaus Haas GmbH – Estenfeld
  • Teraske Ortho Reha GmbH & Co KG – Hannover


Category best customer loyalty program

  • Aspacher & Klotzbücher GmbH & Co. KG – Rudersberg
  • Medizintechnik & Sanitätshaus Harald Kröger GmbH – Massen-Niederlausitz
  • medrob GmbH – Friedberg
  • Sanitätshaus Augustin GmbH – Thum/Erzgebirge
  • Sanitätshaus Ludwigslust UG – Ludwigslust
  • Seifert Technische Orthopädie GmbH – Bad Krozingen
  • Teraske Ortho Reha GmbH & Co KG – Hannover


New this year: Category Next-Generation / Newcomer and the special category “My Way”.

The announcement of the TOP candidates in these categories will be made at the award ceremony on September 28.


Juror Frank Wieditz from Ossenberg GmbH

“We are interested in promoting exciting ideas and creative concepts, regardless of company size or regional affiliation. With creativity, flexibility and the ability to react quickly to changes in the healthcare sector, progressive companies are already showing how this can be done today. Through our participation in the jury, we contribute to presenting these companies in a way that is effective in the public eye, in order to give innovative marketing an important impulse in the health care trade.

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