Disinfectants and protective masks instead of walking aids

Exceptional situations require exceptional measures.

At the moment, Ossenberg GmbH is using disinfectants and protective masks instead of walking aids and aids. The corona crisis opened up completely new ways for us as well.

The Ossenberg GmbH, is the leading manufacturer of walking aids and orthopedic aids in Germany and most of Europe. Due to the current corona situation, however, the production of forearm walking aids and walking sticks has declined. This is mainly due to the postponed knee and hip operations by hospitals, but also to the ban on contact and the resulting low level of leisure activities. In order to make the best possible use of our position in the medical device market and to be able to protect our customers and fellow human beings in the best possible way, Ossenberg GmbH has used its contacts and briefly Respiratory protection masks und Hand disinfectant produced. The biggest problem on the market at the moment is that disinfectants are generally difficult to obtain and the masks currently in circulation often do not meet the standard and are often of inferior quality. But Ossenberg GmbH remains true to its standard and quality requirements and has had medical mouth-nose masks produced.

Atemschutzmasken Typ I
Respiratory protection masks type I according to EN 14683

The first delivery, in mid-April, with around 200,000 protective masks was sold out within two days. And the subsequent deliveries were also quickly sold out. In total, around 1.5 million masks have been sold so far and a second wave of infection, which is to be feared, will not let the demand drop for the time being.

The Type I respirators according to EN 14683, are CE-certified and consist of high-quality, breathable non-woven fabric and soft, elastic ear loops. When speaking and breathing out, we expel spit and aerosols which contaminate surfaces and the ambient air with viruses. This has allowed the Covid-19 virus to spread rapidly. By wearing our disposable face masks, the spread of viruses through aerosols or spit particles is significantly reduced.In order to be able to sell high-quality respirators in the future, Ossenberg GmbH has decided to start its own production of FFP2 respirators in late summer this year. In our location in Neumünster, a warehouse with appropriate machines will be set up and prepared for this purpose. Exactly when the first masks will come off the production line is not yet known, as this project is currently in the planning stage.

Disinfectant from Ossenberg GmbH in 500ml bottles
Desinfektionsmittel der Ossenberg GmbH in 500ml Flaschen

The category created by Corona „Protection“, currently consisting of medical respiratory masks type I and disinfectants according to WHO prescription, in 5l and 0.5l containers, is also to be expanded and permanently included in the product range. Some of these articles will be produced in-house. In addition to the self-produced FFP2 masks, other medical protective equipment will also find their way onto our shelves. You will soon find out here with us which ones these are and when they are available for purchase. Stay excited!

Until then, we are trying, with the measures we have taken, to make a contribution to better care and protection of the population.

#together through the crisis


By Jenny Sangaré

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