The company Ossenberg GmbH, cibX GmbH and Deutsche Telekom AG have taken up this challenge and produced an innovation in the field of walking aids.
The networked walking stick SMARTSTICK.
The light and height-adjustable everyday aid in carbon-look is not only a visual eye-catcher, but scores above all with its integrated electronics. Thanks to the built-in GSM modem, the GPS antenna and a SIM card from Deutsche Telekom, it is possible to locate the walking stick and its owner anywhere in Germany and Europe.
Whether restricted in mobility, with (initial) dementia or disorientation - the SMARTSTICK serves as a loyal companion in everyday life and as a lifeline in an emergency.

Very light and stable "SMARTSTICK" walking stick with elegant soft-derby grip and decorative ring in chrome.
Mounted on a slim stick made of stable carbon fiber in carbon look.

Height adjustable from 80cm - 102,5 cm (10 times by push button)
Rubber capsule with steel insert (inner Ø 16mm)
Max. load capacity up to 120 kg body weight
Weight 500 g / piece


The idea

Development of a walking stick with localization function for older, disoriented or (slightly) demented people!
Cooperation with the company Ossenberg GmbH, specialized in walking aids, and the telecommunications provider Telekom Deutschland AG.

The implementation

Base: light, stable and height-adjustable walking stick with carbon look
Technology: Battery-powered electronics with GSM modem, GPS antenna and SIM card - invisibly integrated into the walking stick
Visualization: Web portal with user-friendly and clear user interface

The functions

LOCALIZATION Exact localization of the last location via GPS
ALARMING Trigger an alarm by pressing the button for a longer time (approx. 5 sec). Direct notification of the contact person(s) via e-mail
GEOFENCE Virtual fence with variable perimeter. An alarm is triggered when it is exceeded

Our services for you

Constant information about the next location
Direct alerting in case of emergency
Europe-wide complete cost control in the best network (2-year term at a fixed price)
All costs included in the total price (walking aid, electronics, mobile phone, portal and service)
Portal usable on all mobile devices (e.g. Android, iOS)
Device configuration directly in the portal possible (e.g. change device name, delete messages, store contact persons)
Management of several devices via one interface
Unlimited number of contact persons
Competent contact persons for questions and registration

As a partner of Deutsche Telekom, we use the specially developed portal of the largest German telecommunications provider. For you this means: secure storage of your data on a German server under German data protection law. And also a portal with a user-friendly and clear user interface that can be operated by anyone. You have doubts? Then try it out right now


A primary advantage of our products is the integrated GPS and the associated localization function. With an accuracy of up to 10 meters, the stick or mobile unit records its position and transmits it to the connected portal. A quick look at the map is enough to see the current location of the walking aid. Let us find you for your own safety - Europe-wide without additional costs!


ll our walking aids or mobile versions are equipped with a push button / button. This shows the functions, but also serves as a help call button. If you press the button for at least 3 seconds, an alarm message is automatically transmitted to the portal and the contact persons stored in the portal are informed within seconds. This function is possible worldwide* and is supported by a red LED and a beep.

* for use outside Europe additional fees may apply!


The use of Geo-Fence increases the safe mobility in old age immensely. Because with Geo-Fence it is possible to draw a virtual fence with variable radius around the device. Especially for people with a tendency to walk, this function serves as additional security, because an alarm is automatically triggered and sent to the portal if the area is exceeded. Registered contact persons are informed immediately and can act directly.

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