We are awarded!

We are awarded!!!
The ecological project for integrated environmental technology “ÖKOPROFIT” is successfully finished and company Ossenberg GmbH has received the certificate for it.
In the 11th round with 14 companies, it was made clear how much companies can contribute to environmental and resource protection.
We have also made our contribution and have saved electricity and resources,
because we have
– installed a PV system – switched to LED and motion detectors
– provided a job bike and car charging stations
– invested in energy recovery
– purchased new compressors
– tackled the reduction of ballast areas
– and started the conversion to paperless production
– avoided waste, through digitalization
– involved, educated and motivated all employees
The environmental protection measures have not only resulted in additional investments but also in considerable annual cost reductions of €18,350.
Conclusion: Entrepreneurial competitiveness and the promotion of climate protection and resource conservation do not have to contradict each other.

Umwelt Team Ossenberg

Environment Team with certification

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