Kooperation mit Sabrina Stern

Singer Sabrina Stern von Ossenberg “Crutches” enthuses!

As “the one with the clogs” now becomes “the one with the crutches”.

Last Wednesday we had a visit from pop star Sabrina Stern. The singer, who is also known for her clogs, is dependent on forearm walking aids since an accident. This is not always easy, especially as an artist, because especially the “crutches” still have an image of illness and frailty. But this is not at all the case and Sabrina Stern has also discovered this for herself. Proudly and self-confidently she goes through life with her supports as if it were the most natural thing in the world and thus gives the “sick crutches” a completely new image. Much more important, however, is the fact that Sabrina gives courage to other people with handicap, or similar fates, with her appearance and the matter of course to use walking aids and gives you a new self-esteem. Crutches are not ill, they help much more to give the users again more mobility and quality of life. And that works just still much better, if the crutches are also still genuine Hingucker.

>mobile, safe and you yourself!

A fashionable companion that offers safety and support. Even crutches cannot harm a positive charisma. On the contrary, you can even emphasize and strengthen a mood or attitude. Exactly for this reason Sabrina Stern was also with us. She does not hide for a long time no more behind your going assistance, but shows that these mean freedom and mobility. Walking aids are everyday companions and exactly for this reason we have more than only the “grey hospital crutches”. A large number of different colors and models as well as accessories articles, which make life easier and more beautiful, we have in our assortment. “Mobile, safe and you yourself” we try to convey this motto with our walking aids and also to manifest it to the users of our products. Of it also Sabrina, with the help of our marketing management Jenny Sangaré, could convince herself in our in-house showroom and was inspired by the enormous selection and the many possibilities.

Ossenenberg lettering made of Swarovski stones on black structured crutch
Ossenenberg lettering made of Swarovski stones

Especially an artist like Sabrina Stern becomes a total work of art with the help of her accessories and makes a statement for herself and her fans. Whether unusual color combinations, flashy, shrill neon colors, or colorful rhinestones, the Ossenberg GmbH makes almost everything possible. So every walking aid becomes a very personal accessory and real eye-catcher. We have now also designed such an eye-catcher for Sabrina. She now has the matching crutches to go with her stylish outfits and matching clogs. How these look exactly will not be revealed yet. But we are looking forward to the result, just like Sabrina, and can hardly wait to present Sabrina with her new crutches.

Until then, we are looking forward to working together and many more exciting projects with Sabrina Stern. At this point we would like to thank you for the confidence in us and our products and hope to have aroused your curiosity. To a successful cooperation!



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