Square rubber capsule in black for tube Ø 16-20 mm – with steel inlay

SKU: 937P Category: EAN: 4250415663413

Technische Daten:
• Ø 16mm – 19 mm
• Auftrittsfläche 7 cm x 6,5 cm

The rubber capsule offers a secure walking experience due to the large tread and the special tread pattern. This large rubber capsule for walking sticks and forearm crutches is a good solution for people with a high level of insecurity while walking. The tread surface is much bigger than normal rubber capsules, which results in a better grip. The joint effect of the rubber capsule provides additionally an extremely pleasant walking experience!

Our square rubber capsule at a short overview:
● high security through a large tread and a special profile
● comfortable running experience due to the joint effect
● with steel inlay