Reacher Handi-Grip PRO with soft grip, red ating head and stick holder – rigid

1 Piece

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Whether for limited mobility, for back problems or simply for comfort. Reachers and grippers are used everywhere where the own arms are not enough.
You won’t want to be without our reacher anymore…
The gripper, coated with special rubber, thus enables safe lifting or gripping of objects. Due to the low weight, the reachers are ideal for people with limited finger and hand function.
Due to the drawstring on the pistol grip knob, the gripper can be operated with one or two fingers. With the pressure you open and close the actual hook at the end of the reacher. This saves you from having to bend down and reach for distant objects.
So that you do not have to turn your wrist, the gripping head of the pliers can be rotated.
The reacher can be loaded up to 2 kg.

Our reacher at a short overview:
• gripper coated with rubber for safe lifting
• ergonomically shaped and non-slip soft grip
• suitable for right and left handed users
• the middle piece is made of very strong aluminium
• rotatable gripper head
• very easy power transmission through cable pull
• up to 2 kg loadable

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