Reacher Classic with standard grip, magnet and clothes hook – rigid

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Whether for limited mobility, back problems or simply for convenience, reachers and grippers are used wherever your own hands and arms need support. The low weight makes them ideal for people with limited finger and hand function.
You will not want to miss our reacher either!

The gripper, coated with special rubber, enables safe lifting and gripping of objects. Even pens can be picked up with ease due to the special shape of the pliers end.
By means of the trigger on the grip, the gripper can be operated with one or more fingers. The pressure opens and closes the actual pliers at the end of the reacher. This saves you from having to bend down and allows you to reach for more distant objects. The reacher has an extra long cord on the pliers, with which you can adjust the pull if necessary. There is also a magnet at the front end that attracts light metal objects such as pins or paper clips. Another highlight is the hook above the magnet, which acts as a tightening aid.
The reacher is available in two lengths and is up to 2 kg loadable.

Our reacher at a short overview:
• gripper coated with rubber for safe lifting
• ergonomic shaped grip
• suitable for right and left handed users
• the middle piece is made of stable aluminium
• intrigued magnet for metallic objects
• intrigued hook to help you get dressed
• very easy power transmission through cable pull