Foldable walking stick made of carbon with derby handle – chequered pattern black-anthracite glossy – 120 kg

Technical data:
• Material: carbon
• Colour: black glossy with chequered pattern
• Adjustable: from 86.5 cm – 96.5 cm
• Foldable: to 31 cm (4-piece)
• Max weight: up to 120 kg body weight
• Weight 270 g /piece
• Rubber capsule Ø inside 16mm (art. no. 715)

travel folding canes : flexible use at any time.
Foldable walking sticks require little space and can be conveniently stowed anywhere, because the tube segments of the sticks are connected inside with a cable and can be stretched and fixed when in use. This means that you always have a walking stick ready for use when you need it. When it is no longer needed, it can be folded up again and fixed in place with a retaining clip.
Nevertheless, it is so robustly made that everything fits together well and a secure hold is guaranteed.
The cane can be adjusted to the user’s individual needs by simply pressing in the push button.
The big advantage of this folding cane: it´s material is carbon, so there is even less weight.