Foldable light metal walking stick in metallic bronze with Fritz grip in amber imitation made of acrylic

SKU: 17805 Category: EAN: 4250415627491German aid number:

Technische Daten:
• verstellbar von 85 cm – 95 cm
• faltbar auf 33 cm (4-teilig)
• max. belastbar bis 100 kg Körpergewicht
• Gewicht: 360 g

Always good on foot while travelling – that’s how it should be!

The Fritz grip made of acrylic in an extraordinary beautiful amber imitation, placed on a shapely foldable walking stick made of light metal in metallic bronze is set off with a classic brass ring. The foldable travel walking stick is timelessly beautiful. Due to the grip made of amber imitation, each walking stick is unique and gives you a stylish look.

The simple adjustment makes the foldable walking stick ideal for everyone. This foldable walking stick can be folded together in three places. It can be stowed in a space-saving manner and thus becomes your reliable companion in everyday life.