FLEXYFOOT rubber capsule without steel inlay

Flexyfoot is a new concept for walking sticks, walking aids or even seating chairs.
The patented spring pad allows the foot to automatically adjust to the angle of the floor, maximizing the contact area of the tread.
This greatly improves grip and significantly reduces wear.

If the tread has expired, it can easily be replaced.
Wear marks on the tread work like the tread of a car tire.
When they start to wear out, change the tread by simply unscrewing it.

Our Flexyfoot at a short overview:
• better grip through patented air suspension technology
• shock absorption reduces the strain on hands and shoulders
• 360° rotation for optimal support to protect the wrists
• easy cleanable treads that repel stones and mud, so the transition from outdoor to indoor use is simple and safe
• abrasion resistant threads
• the threads can be replaced very quickly
• 50% longer shelf life