Carbon walking stick with soft Cosy Grip

1 Piece

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technic data
• usable on both sides
• adjustable from 68,5 – 94 cm
• 11x push button
• maximum weight 120kg
• own weight 280g
• Rubber capsule 19mm

Carbon is a “carbon fiber reinforced plastic”, which is extremely strong and stable and also has very light weight.
Therefore, our lightweight carbon is particularly suitable for you if you have problems with lifting.

The sophisticated grip system makes it possible for good discharge of hand and wrist.
This is achieved by increasing the support or contact surface between hand and handle.
Due to the enlarged knob, slipping forward is avoided.
The soft-touch ensures a pleasant and warm feeling of use and is also particularly grippy in your hand.
An advantage is: it can be used on both sides, because it is a combination of relieving anatomical and elegant handle.
It thus combines stylish design with supporting functionality.
Due to its advantages, this walking stick will certainly quickly become your daily companion.

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