4-part foldable blind stick without ball tip incl. thread

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High quality, telescopic blind stick made of light metal in white.

Thanks to its white, partially reflective coating and electrically non-conductive, easy-care plastic, the blind stick offers you optimum safety. The rod grip made of cork incl. hand loop offers best comfort of use.

The blind stick is 4-times foldable and measures, depending on model, between 31 cm and 38 cm when folded.

The stick is equipped with a thread as standard, but without ball tip. Simply choose a ball tip from our large assortment and order it directly with your order. The ball tips can be easily replaced when they become worn.

Our foldable blind sticks at a short overview:
• high quality manufactured, four-part long blind sticks made of light metal incl. thread
• optimum safety thanks to white reflective coating in places and electrically non-conductive, easy-care plastic
• best comfort of use due to a rod grip made of cork incl. hand loop

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