3-part telescopic hiking stick in red with rod grip

SKU: 679 Category: EAN: 4250415646584

Technische Daten:
• Höhenverstellbar: 64 cm – 135 cm
• Stoßdämpfende Wirkung
• Gummikapsel: Innen-Ø 12 mm
• belastbar bis max. 100 kg Körpergewicht
• Gewicht: 345 g / Stück

The hiking and telescopic walking stick is characterized by its height adjustability, which can be adjusted for everyone.
Perfect to ensure an upright posture and consistent breathing.
The stress on the joints is reduced, endurance is increased and the balance can be better maintained.
When the walking stick is correctly adjusted, the upper and lower arms form a right angle.
The upright posture also improves the lung ventilation.

As transport protection the metal tip is equipped with a rubber capsule!