INDESme d- aircraft aluminium – forearm crutches

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Technical data:
· Aircraft aluminium 60/61
· Ergonomic soft grip
· Hypollergenic silicone cover
· Weight: from 220 g
· Load capacity: 200 kg body weight
· 4 sizes from S – XL
· 4 Hightec colors: titan grey, zen blue, jupiter lilac, elektric orange
· Fine adjustment / perfect body fit
· Capsules / plugs made of rubber compound
· CE 11334-1.2007
· Reimbursable via health insurance if applicable
· Shipped in individual parts, for self prepairing

Aircraft aluminium is a high-quality material that offers higher corrosion resistance, durability as well as high strength with low weight and is still elastic. The coloured INDESmed aluminium crutches are very light (the lightest aluminium on the market) and also robust (capable of carrying up to 140 kg of body weight. The elegant design shines in four great colours and not only makes it an attractive walking aid.
You can also choose it with foldable arm cuff, for your individual freedom.
Finally, you have both hands free while the crutch remains effortlessly attached to your arm.
The hanging arm cuff offers you a choice of two positions: open and closed, so you can stay in control. When walking with the walker, which comes in four exciting colours, we strongly recommend using the arm cuff in the open position.
The millimetre-precise adjustment of the crutches ensures a perfect fit to your body size and can thus prevent pain in the wrists, shoulders and back.
Choosing the right size and adjustment of the walking aids is done by sliding the handle and arm guide along the oval tube. There are different tube lengths to ensure optimal ergonomics for every body size.
Crutch size / body height
XL — 185cm bis 195cm
L — 175cm bis 185cm
M — 165cm bis 175cm
S — 155cm bis 165cm

Instruction: Adjust INDESmed crutches correctly

Proper fitting of your INDESmed forearm crutches is crucial to ensure comfort and freedom from pain.
Step 1: Adjust body size
Before first use, stand upright in a walking position. The unloaded leg in front, the crutches next to it.
Step 2: Relaxed posture
Keep your elbows slightly bent, arms loose against your body. Avoid pulling your shoulders up.
Step 3: Grip height
The handle should be at the level of the thigh bone.
Professional help
Not sure if all adjustments are correct? Have the crutches checked by professionals in a medical supply store or by a physiotherapist. With these INDESmed crutches you can improve your walking feeling and adopt a more ergonomic posture.

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