Foldable carbon walking stick with Fritz grip

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A very light and still super stable walking stick!

This foldable walking stick made of carbon not only looks elegant, it also fulfils its purpose.
Carbon is a “carbon fiber reinforced plastic” which is not only extremely strong and stable but also very light.
Therefore a walking stick made of carbon is ideal if you have problems with lifting.

Thanks to its soft-touch coating, the beautiful Fritz grip lies comfortably in the hand and also looks elegant.
The grip is ergonomically shaped and therefore suitable for both the left and right hand.

The simple adjustment makes the foldable walking stick ideal for everyone. This foldable walking stick can be folded together in three places. It can be stowed in a space-saving manner and thus becomes your reliable companion in everyday life.

So that you are safe on the road, the walking stick closes with a rubber capsule.

Our carbon walking stick at a short overview:
• foldable walking stick made of carbon (carbon fibre reinforced plastic)
• very light and still stable
• Fritz grip with soft-touch coating