Carbon stick – chequerboard pattern – 120 kg – Derby grip softtouch

1 Piece

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Technical data:
• High gloss carbon tube
• in chequerboard pattern black/anthracite
• Adjustable from 68.5 cm to 94 cm
• 11-way adjustment by push button
• Derby grip
• Max. loadable up to 120 kg
• Weight 280 g
• Rubber capsule Ø 19 mm ( article no.970P)

This is a particularly light and elegant stick made of carbon in a classic and shiny chequerboard pattern.
Carbon is a material made of “carbon fibre reinforced plastic”, it impresses with extreme lightness and yet is highly stable and firm.
The Derby grip is one of the most popular grip shapes, because on the one hand it is enormously comfortable in the hand and on the other hand it stands for simple elegance.
The Sofftouch coating of this variant ensures a pleasant and, above all, warm feeling of use and is also particularly easy to grip in the hand.
All the advantages are combined in one stick.

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