Respiratory protection mask FFP2 box of 20

20 Piece

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• Filtering efficiency > 94 %
• CE certification by SGS Fimko Oy (Notified Body 0598)
• tested according to DIN EN 149:2001+A1:2009
• packed in 5 pieces each (20 pieces in a box)

Protect yourself, your family and your fellow human beings.

The purpose of the filtering half masks is to protect the wearer from particles, droplets and aerosols. The masks without an exhalation valve filter both the inhaled air and the exhaled air and therefore provide both self and external protection.

The mask is made of high-quality, breathable non-woven fabric and the ergonomic fit with adjustable nose clip offers high wearing comfort. Wrapped elastic straps provide an additional secure fit. An optional headband is included for added comfort. This relieves the ears and prevents pressure pain. This is particularly popular with spectacle wearers and people with hearing aids.

Frequently asked questions about the product

The FFP2 NR masks comply with all European and national directives and have undergone the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

The CE 2163 marking attests to this testing and certification procedure.

The masks meet the test standard according to DIN EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.

We have provided the certificates for you in the product under the Downloads tab.

There is no exact recommendation on the wearing time of FFP2 masks for private persons, as these masks are not a medical product, but were intended for occupational safety. In the context of occupational safety, FFP2 masks should be replaced after one working shift (i.e. after about 8-9 hours). In any case, the masks should be changed if they become dirty, soaked or damaged.

In pandemic use, it can be assumed that FFP2 masks will be worn at short intervals: e.g. when shopping, refuelling, on public transport or whenever the minimum distance cannot be maintained. We recommend storing the mask in a closed bag between wearing intervals and hanging it up to dry at home. When doing this, you should make absolutely sure that no other objects are contaminated by it. Hand hygiene when putting on and taking off the mask should also be followed very carefully.

In the April 2020 bottleneck, there had been investigations into drying the soaked masks in an oven at 70 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes to reprocess them. According to the manufacturer, the masks are heat-resistant up to 40 degrees Celsius. However, we do not recommend this! For optimal protection, the mask should be replaced regularly.

The masks have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture with proper storage (See "How should I store the masks?"). The date of manufacture is printed on the product packaging. After 3 years, the masks should no longer be used, as optimal protection can no longer be guaranteed.

When not in use, store the masks in a sealed container to prevent contamination. For transport, store the masks in their original packaging. Ensure a dry storage environment at room temperature. Do not allow the make to come into contact with water.

Hold the respirator over your mouth and nose. Slip the ear loops over your ears.

To ensure comfort and a perfect fit, adjust the size with the enclosed plastic clip.

Make sure the noseband fits snugly against your nose. To do this, press the ends against your cheek to ensure the best possible seal.

To check the fit, hold both hands over your mask at nose level and exhale strongly. If air escapes around your nose, press the nose clip more firmly against your cheeks.

If air escapes from the sides, pull the plastic clip tighter. Repeat the procedure until the mask fits perfectly.

Failure to ensure a good fit may result in inadequate protection. In this case, contaminated areas must be avoided in any case to prevent damage to health.

As a hygiene product, the respiratory protection masks are excluded from return and exchange

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