Anti-Freeezing Parkinson cane 120 kg – Laser Light – Pressure Button – relieving soft handle – diamond black glossy

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Technical data
– handle can be used on both sides
– adjustable height from 80 – 97 cm
– 7-fold adjustable by push button
– max. loadable up to 120 kg body weight
– weight: 400 g
– replacement rubber capsule 19 mm, item no. 970P

Laser mechanism
– splash-proof housing in carbon optics
– activation by button switch on
– visible by blue light
– min. 6 hours continuous operation
– charging of the battery via Magnetsafe Micro USB (included)
– strong sunlight may affect the visibility of the laser light

The anti-freezing stick: what is it and how does it help?
The cane is a walking aid with extra function for patients, mostly with Parkinson’s disease, who are affected by the “freezing symptom”. It is a typical symptom of Parkinson’s disease and at least 60 percent of all patients experience the problem sooner or later. In the worst case, this feeling of being “frozen” can lead to dangerous falls. It is therefore important for patients to break through spontaneously occurring movement blockages (light stimulus) and accordingly also to compensate for the hold with the cane.

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