Modern INDESmed walking stick made of aviation aluminium

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Technical data
· Aircraft aluminium 60/61
· Ergonomic soft grip
· Hypollergenic silicone cover
· Weight: from 250 g
· Load capacity: up to 200 kg body weight
· 4 sizes S-XL
· 4 Hightec colors: Titan Grey, Zen Blue, Jupiter Lilac, Elektrik Orange
· Fine adjustment / perfect body fit
· Capsules / plugs made of rubber compound
· Shipped in individual parts -DYS

Moderner INDESmed Gehstock aus Flugzeugaluminium

The modern walking stick made of colourful aviation standard 60/61 anodised aluminium by INDESmed combines style and functionality. Its oval arch shape and ergonomic handle promote natural wrist posture and prevent tendonitis. In addition, you can adjust the INDESmed walking stick to your body size to the millimetre and thus ensure pain-free walking. It is particularly light due to the aircraft aluminium, but still has an outstanding load-bearing capacity. You can choose from various trendy colours to emphasise your personal walking style. The special rubber caps provide slip resistance and comfort with your cane. This walking stick is not only high quality, but also chic and stylish. It meets high standards of lightness, stability and taste. INDESmed offers a perfect combination of form and function for your mobility.

Select the correct cane size using the table:
body size — cane-size
155cm bis 165cm — S
165cm bis 175cm — M
175cm bis 185cm — L
185cm bis195cm — XL

Instructions: INDESmed walking stick correct adjustment:

1.Loosen the screw on the walking stick handle.
2.Adjust the handle to the optimum height for your height.
3. tighten the screw again.
The adjustment is made by sliding the handle continuously along the tube, which allows for an absolutely precise adjustment.

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