Mobile DUO walking stick holder

1 Piece

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Technische Daten:
• Saugteller mit einem Durchmesser von 120 mm
• für einen Rohrdurchmesser von 20 mm – 30 mm
•max. Tragkraft: 30 kg
• Gewicht: 490 g

Mobile DUO-walking stick holder for flexible application on all flat, non-porous surfaces such as door frames, desks, showers and much more….
The load capacity is on flat, pore-proof surfaces 30 kg. The mobile walking stick holder prevents the crutches from falling over easily, as it is often difficult, if not impossible, for the user to lift the forearm crutch. The walking stick holder is suitable for a tube diameter of 20 mm – 30 mm.

Scope of delivery:
• 1 piece suction plate with a diameter of 120 mm
• 1 piece carrier adapter
• 2 piece walking stick holder clamps (rotatable)