Light metal walking stick Flexyfoot in blue with Easy-grip – 130 kg

1 Piece

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Technische Daten:
• verstellbar von 70 cm – 96 cm
• max. belastbar bis 130 kg Körpergewicht
• Gewicht: 430 g

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Are you looking for a stylish, elegant and modern walking aid? A cool walking stick with which one associates activity and vitality and not a boring institutional help that says that you are old and incapable? If so, then the Flexyfoot walking stick is just right for you.

The Flexyfoot walking stick has a new shaped grip that is comfortable and provides a good grip. The grip is designed so that your body weight is directly above the walking stick. This keeps the wrist in a neutral position, reducing strain and injuries.

The walking stick features the award-winning Flexyfoot rubber buffer, which will make your walking experience more painless, comfortable, safe and secure.

And this is the secret of the Flexyfoot rubber capsule: It consists of two parts – a sleeve and a bellows. It is the clever design of the bellows, whose patented design acts like the suspension of a four-wheel drive vehicle. When your walking stick touches the ground, the flexible bellows absorbs the shocks so that your step is completely cushioned and the pulling pain in your arms, shoulders, wrists, elbows, back and neck is reduced.