Forearm crutch KMINA in black

1 Pair

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Technische Daten:
• Armauflage bis Boden: 92 cm – 116 cm
• 9-fach einstellbare Unteramlänge von 28 cm – 39 cm
• max. belastbar bis 100 kg Körpergewicht
• Gewicht: 1000 g

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KMINA is the next generation of walking aids with an integrated shock absorbing system.

The benefits:
• walking in an upright position is easier
• the walking aids guarantee a higher stability and a better balance
• compared to conventional walking aids, KMINA walking aids allow you to move faster and with more secure steps
• the energy required for use is lower
• the walking aids are more comfortable and very safe thanks to the shock absorption system

Our KMINA at a short overview:
• colour: black
• large forearm contact area
• even weight distribution on hands, wrists and forearms​
• maximum comfort
• modern, innovative design
• adjustable and movable modules