Children’s quadruped walking aid with ergonomic round grip – 100 kg

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Technische Daten:
• Maße: 56 cm – 66 cm
• 6-fach durch Clip
• Auftrittsfläche: 26,5 cm x 23 cm
• max. belastbar bis 100 kg Körpergewicht
• Gewicht: 580 g

Even with our youngest children it can happen that they need help to walk. Of course there must also be the right thing for such situations.

With our quadruped walking aid, even our little fellow human beings can walk and stand safely anywhere. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped round grip, the walking aid lies firmly and comfortably in the hand.

Our quadruped walking aid for children at a short overview:
• quadruped walking aid made of light metal
• the special construction ensures high stability and low weight
• ergonomic round grip, can be used on both sides
• fixation through additional screw connection

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